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Slip On Flange

Slip on flange, also called SO flange. It’s a kind of flange slides over the pipe with internal design is slightly larger than the pipe. Since the inner diameter of the flange is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipe, the SO flange can be directly connected to equipment or pipe by fillet weld at the top and bottom of the flange. It is used to insert the pipe into the inner hole of the flange.

Our Supply Range:

Standard: ASTM A105, ASTM A182 Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel Size: 1/2” to 24”, Pressure Ratings: Class 150 to Class 2500

Types of Slip On Flange Welding

The SO flange can be divided into SO welding plate flange and SO welding hubbed steel pipe flange. Its mechanical characteristics are between the integral flange and the looping flange. The structure is simple, and the processing is convenient. So slip on flange welding is widely used in various fluid pipelines.Depends on different face, there are also ranges raised face type and ring type joint face type.

Manufacturing Types

Slip on flange can be made by forging, steel cutting, casting and etc. Among these manufacturing types, the forging type gains the best quality and also the most common use, price is higher than other types. So before purchase the flanges, you have to know what is the specific working environment.

Advantages of Slip On Flanges

  • Lower installation costs
  • More easy to align with other parts during installation
  • Better leaking proof
  • Inner and outer welding on flange
  • Takes less time to cut accurately for the pipelines
  • As pipe slides on the flange, it compatible with lower hub on slip on flang

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